Blueberries arriving daily from the farm!

We are receiving quart after quart of fresh organic blueberries from the farm almost daily. During these hot dry summer days, the blueberry bushes are still performing well while other crops struggled during the drought. Chef Charlie, Pastry Chef Douglas, and our beverage director Andrew have all been busy creating new dishes and drinks to highlight the bounty!

High in antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin K--blueberries are both delicious and healthy. 

Chef Charlie Foster's Halibut Ceviche

In Chef Charlie Foster's halibut ceviche, the blueberries provide a burst of fresh sweetness to balance the acid from the citrus and heat from the chilis.

Pastry Chef Douglas Phillilp's Warm Blueberry Crisp

Lemon, coconut, and blueberry are all flavors that traditionally go well together. Here Pastry Chef Douglas wanted to highlight the natural sweetness of the blueberries while creating a dessert you would never know was Vegan.

Andrew Rich's Blueberry Collins

Much like the kitchen, Andrew wanted to highlight the natural flavors and sweetness of the blueberries, so he decided to keep ingredients to a minimum and created a blueberry collins. Made simply from organic lemon juice, soda water, Short Path gin, organic cane syrup, and our blueberries, this refreshing patio cocktail is lightly sweet and full of flavor.

Our blueberries will only be here for a limited amount of time, so come enjoy them while you can!

Kristin Canty

Woods Hill Table, 24 Commonwealth Avenue, West Concord, MA, 01742