Newest layers just hatched

Not only is the restaurant gearing up for Brunch in October but so is the farm.

As Chef Charlie and the kitchen team are gearing up for Sunday brunch in October (the 16th) so is the farm. We are almost doubling the layer hens this year in anticipation for festive fall brunch.

Head farmer Amber Reed has selected Rhode Island Reds for our layers this year. As the state bird of Rhode Island these chickens are considered to be one of the most classic American breeds. The breed is still considered to be recovering by the Livestock Conservancy but has become popular again here in New England due to their hardy nature and their ability to lay eggs. 

Red hens grow to about 6.5lbs (2.9 kg) and lay about an egg a day!

Originally bred in Adamsville Village in Rhode Island the birds were also historically raised here in Massachusetts. A derivative from the Malay breed of chickens the Red developed a deep color and a very strong resistance to harsh weather conditions. You can even see a plaque devoted to the history of these birds in Rhodes Island:

Kristin Canty

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