American Cheese Society Awards

Celebrating New England Raw Cheeses

The American Cheese Society Awards 2016 just finished in Des Moines Iowa and we are very happy to discover that many of this year award winners are not only from the New England Area but are from local raw cheesemakers we support!

Why Raw Milk Cheese?

There is an ongoing debate between the FDA and small raw milk producers about the health benefits vs risks of raw milk cheeses. Opponents to raw milk cheese firmly state that process of Pasteurization is really the only true method of destroying pathogens such as Salmonella, Listeria, and e. Coli--which is true. A bacterial contamination in cheese can be deadly. However, the CDC has recorded over 1,600 illnesses from pasteurized milk cheeses and just below 10 cases of illness related to raw milk cheese in the past 10 years. Most of these illnesses have been attributed to the handling of the product by the producer and not whether the cheese had been pasteurized.

So we strongly believe that the benefits of raw milk cheese--beneficial digestive enzymes, higher contents of vitamins, and overall more complexity of flavor--created by conscious manufacturers far outweighs the minute danger of raw milk. That aside here are some of the local  American Cheese Society raw cheeses we feature at the restaurant!

Farmstead Cheese 3rd Place Winner: Tarentaise

provided by Vermont Business Association

Created by Jeremy Stephenson on Spring Brook Farm in Reading Vermont, we love this cheese for the nutty and savory flavor with slight herb and vegetable notes.

Farmstead Cheese Goat 3rd Place: Manchester

From Goatary Farm

Created by Consider Bardwell Farm (named after the original cheese maker Consider Bardwell in 1864) was the very first cheesemaking cooperative in Vermont. We love this cheese for the earthy, loam, and forest floor notes that are brightened with a sharp lactic acid.

60 Days+Farmstead Cheese 1st Place: Winnimere

from Jasper Hill

Created by the brothers Andy and Mateo of Jasper Hill Farms in Vermont, this award-winning duo has created many of our restaurant's favorite raw milk cheeses we offer. This stunning spruce wrapped cheese is intense with a strong grass, nut, and lactic qualities.

Kristin Canty

Woods Hill Table, 24 Commonwealth Avenue, West Concord, MA, 01742