Awarded 3 Stars for Sustainable Restaurant

The Sustainable Restaurant Association

Just awarded Woods Hill Table the highest award of 3 Stars


The SRA is world known as the “Michelin Stars of Sustainability." The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) is an organization whose membership represents a broad spectrum of the hospitality industry including; independent restaurants, groups and chains, cafés, pubs, hotels, contract and event caterers, universities and colleges, cookery
schools, retail centers, train and aviation caterers, all united in their commitment to sustainability.

The SRA’s Food Made Good Sustainability Rating provides Members with recognition for their sustainability as well as a tool to engage staff, suppliers and inform customers. The SRA awards One, Two or Three Food Made
Good Stars against 14 key sustainability criteria, divided across the three pillars of Sourcing, Society & Environment.

Woods Hill Table scored 87% overall, achieving a Three Star Food Made Good rating. This is awarded to restaurants scoring 70% and above and is an exceptional achievement.
— SRA 2016 Awards

Woods Hill Table is the first restaurant in the USA to receive a 3 Star rating from the SRA and our staff want to thank the incredibly hard work of: Farm advocate and owner Kristin Canty, Executive Chef Charles Foster, Beverage Director Andrew Rich, Pastry Chef Douglas Phillips, Sous Chef Ben Peacock,  and Head Butcher Jesse Windhausen for creating a work environment where sustainability, eating healthy, and providing good food for good people comes first.

If you would like to read more about the awards and the importance of the SRA please visit their website at:

Kristin Canty

Woods Hill Table, 24 Commonwealth Avenue, West Concord, MA, 01742