Maple Syrup from the Farm

Maple Syrup 

from our friends at the Jellison Farm

Greg and Jessie Jellison started their maple syrup production adventures 15 years ago at their first home.  They started with 25 taps and a small, homemade barrel style evaporator. That little rig was capable of making just under a pint of syrup per hour. 

Since they moved to Bath, NH, they tap over 1,000 trees and have graduated to a more modern evaporator that produces about 6 gallons of syrup per hour! The Jellison family taps maple trees on their own farmland as well as land leased from neighbors.

Their three daughters help collect the maple sap using their teams of oxen. Greg and Jessie also collect sap with Dick and King their work horses or they use the tractor. The Jellison Farm has the sister barn (same early 1900s builder) to the Farm at Woods Hill, and the two farms can see each other over the forested valley in between.

Chef Charles Foster and Beverage Director Andrew Rich are excited to use maple syrup in their recipes for fall. So stop by the restaurant and try the Jellison's maple syrup infused in a Manhattan or in Chef Charlie's new BBQ squash with smoked labneh.

Kristin Canty

Woods Hill Table, 24 Commonwealth Avenue, West Concord, MA, 01742