Making Bacon from our own Pasture Raised Tamworth Pigs

Sous Chef Jesse Windhausen is Making Bacon

 Weighing Salt for Bacon

Weighing Salt for Bacon

As we prepare to open for brunch again this Fall our Chef team is busy getting all the basics prepped and ready.  Sous chef Jesse is in-charge of our extensive butchery program at Woods Hill Table--and for brunch, he has a create a whole lot of bacon from our organic pasture raised Tamworth pigs. 

Our lead farmer Amber Reed loves the old Tamworth breed for their heartiness and their ability to gain mass without much intramuscular fat--though most of our Tamworths are cross-bred with Berkshire Blacks and Red Waddles.

The first step (after butchering of course) is creating the cure with salt, organic spices (peppercorn, coriander, paprika, cayenne, garlic powder, onion powder), fresh herbs, and some pink salt.

Sous Chef Jesse then thoroughly coats each pork belly, rubbing in the herbs and spices.

Chef Jesse then lets these beauties sit and cure! After they are done curing Chef Jesse will smoke them over cherry wood, but for now, we will have to wait.

Kristin Canty

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