We're a bit different. Our goals as a restaurant group are to pay our employees fairly, promote a healthy work and life balance, provide healthcare, maternity leave, paternity leave, give all employees two consecutive days off, and a week vacation pay to reset after a year of work.  

We don't care who you love, what you look like, how old you are, what religion you believe in, or what gender you may or may not associate yourself with. We like it when our team members bring themselves to the table. We're not in it for fame. Instead we strongly believe in education, thoughtful sourcing, animal welfare and proper husbandry, classical cooking techniques, old school butchery, modern flavors, and not just following the locavore /farm to table movement--but pushing it forward. 

The team is always looking for more members who share our beliefs and are willing to work towards them. If you are one of the few, please feel free to fill in the form below and we'll get back to you soon.

Our Commitment to our Employees

We believe our employees are the key for us to reach our ultimate goal of balancing a successful restaurant with environmental sustainability and nourishment through clean food.  Woods Hill Table understands that the restaurant industry can be a brutal industry where Sexual Harassment, Substance Abuse, Gender Equality and Mental Health problems can run rampant. So we believe in providing a healthy and safe work environment throughout our organization. Our commitment to our employees is supported by a work environment of open and honest communications and dialogue - an environment that is inviting and rewarding.

That being said, working in a restaurant is very hard--it is nothing like what you see on Food Network.  In the service industry there is a high level of expectation and execution without much recognition; so be prepared for that. Tensions can be high, deadlines are constant and criticisms are often harsh and instantaneous--especially on the Internet where anonymous reviewers are given a platform to criticize without repercussion or remedy. You will be on your feet all day and often will be stuck in a 3 x 3 foot area surrounded by fire, knives, and egos. Our employees do this out of love and perhaps a bit of masochism. If this realism does not scare you--if you are new to the industry it should, please feel free to complete the form below.

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